Data input is a breeze with Z and Xero

If there’s one thing Chamber of Commerce members need more of, it’s time. Time for important stuff like growing the business – or just having a life. That’s why Z has teamed up with Kiwi company, Xero.

Now you can save time by getting a copy of your Z Card invoice data fed directly into Xero. Which means no more manual entering of transactions, because it’s all done for you. Just code and approve the transactions in Xero and you can get on with running your business.

It’s flexible: every business is different, so you can choose to have all your Z Card transactions fed through or just a summary. It’s up to you.

Even better, it’s free! Z is New Zealand’s only fuel company to offer this feed, and as a Z Card customer it won’t cost you a cent.

Sign up now – it’s easy! It only takes two minutes to sign up. Just visit You’ll need a Xero account.

Terms and conditions apply.
Don’t have a Z Card? Go to to sign up. You’ll need the offer code CHAMBERNR to get started.