The export documentation process sometimes requires that documents be authenticated (certified) by the Chamber of Commerce.

You will know if documents need certification by the Chamber from details on your Letter of Credit or from instructions received from the importer. Be sure to check the details you have received carefully or discuss directly with the importer to ensure you meet requirements correctly the first time.

As a guideline, certification is often required if you are exporting to some Middle Eastern or Latin American countries if you are exporting particular foodstuffs and related products, if a developing country has a special concession arrangement, or if New Zealand has free trade or bilateral agreement with the country to which you are exporting.


The recurrent changes to shipping and flight schedules are impacting export documentation.  We recommend that exporters apply for Certificates of Origin (CO) after a vessel has sailed. This will ensure the CO application is accurate and will not need to be replaced. A NZ China FTA CO number is required to be provided the export entry. This can be added by way of an amendment after departure. For flights we recommend exporters apply for a CO once the flight is confirmed and goods ready to load.  Certifying for flights is given priority to ensure no delays.   


From 1 January 2021, Brexit will be in full effect and the UK will be an independent market and separate customs jurisdiction to the European single market and customs union.

PREPARE NOW to ensure minimal disruption to your trade channels come 1 January 2021. Click here to read more about the key considerations for exporters.

New Zealand Chambers of Commerce has been providing authentication services for export documents from New Zealand exporters to all countries for over 50 years.

E-Certificates of Origin

eCert is an online system for certifying your export documentation. In partnership with our colleagues at the Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce, we are now able to offer electronic certification of export documents or eCerts. These are the fastest most cost-effective way to lodge and have documents certified without the need to pick them up. The service is available Mon-Fri 9am - 3pm but certificates can be lodged by you at any time.


  • To register for e-Cert please click here.

  • If you have previously registered with the e-Cert system, log in here.

  If you have any questions or need help please call David Kerr on  03 548 1363 or email

E-Certificate of Origin Pricing


Member Rate                   $27.56 + GST


Non-Member Rate            $40.00 + GST


Replacement Certificate    $10.04 + GST




WET STAMP / Manual Certificates of Origin Fees

$25 + GST MCoC member
$45 + GST non-member

‘Wet-Stamped’ certification is available for:

  • Certificates of Free Sale or Manufacture

  • Certificates of Origin and related export documents for exports to:

    Algeria, Bahrain*, Cuba, Egypt*, Ethiopia*, Guatemala*, Iraq*, Jordan*, Kuwait*, Lebanon, Oman, Peru, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey*, Yemen and UAE*.

    * Known to regularly accept electronically certified documents without issue, so it is worth checking a wet-stamp requirement


We here at the Chamber make document certification easy. Once you have registered with us, complete your export documents and send them through.

We certify and return them to you electronically during business hours.

Please note: We have a TWO working day turnaround policy for our certification process and our office hours are Monday to Friday 9:00am – 4pm.


Indemnity Form

Before any Certificates or Export Documentation can be issued, we require you to complete and return the Marlborough Certification Terms and Conditions form and the Certificates of Origin Manufacturers Declaration form. 


The right documentation is a critical part of international trade facilitating the successful movement of goods and receipt of payment. 

It is important to investigate the documentation required for your transaction as the type of documents varies depending on the country you are doing business with, their government & port agencies.


‘Shipment specific’ documents certifying the place of growth, production or manufacture of goods exported from New Zealand. They may be requested by a consignee for customs clearance, or as a stipulation of a Letter of Credit. New Zealand exporters commonly require:

  • Certificate of New Zealand Origin

  • Certificate of Foreign Origin

  • China – New Zealand Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin (China – NZFTA)

  • ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin (AANZFTA)

  • Form A – Non-specific Certificate of Preference

Template - Certificate of New Zealand Origin Template


These forms seek assurances from a governmental agency that the associated products offered for entry into their country comply with the requirements of the New Zealand laws of distribution in our domestic market.

These certificates can also be referred to as “Certificate of Export”, or “Certificate of Foreign Governments”.

Template - Certificate of Free Sale Template less than 1 year 

                 Certificate of Free Sale Template more than 1 year

Template - Certificate of Manufacture Template

Please note if you are applying for one of these for the first time you will need to complete a Free Sale Certificate Application Declaration form or a Manufacture Certificate Application Declaration form depending which one you are applying for. 


In order to take advantage of preferential access that AANZFTA offers, exporters require an AANZFTA Certificate of Origin certified by an approved body.

The New Zealand Chambers of Commerce have extensive experience with the certification of preferential FTA Certificates of Origin and can provide exporters with the support and resources they need to capitalise on the AANZFTA.

Please register on Chamberdocs, which facilitates this service.

For information and/or technical support, please call 0800 50 50 96.


New Zealand exporters seeking tariff preference under the New Zealand-China FTA will be required to have a China Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin accompany their consignment.

The New Zealand Chambers of Commerce have extensive experience with the certification of preferential FTA Certificates of Origin and can provide exporters with the support and resources they need to capitalise on the China FTA.

Please register on Chamberdocs, which facilitates this service.

For information and/or technical support, please call 0800 50 50 96.


To apply to use the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce Certification Service, please call the Chamber team on 03 577 9575 or email: