Meet Fua Creative

Community Impact Award Entrant 

Fua Creative was founded in 2019 by Vita Vaka and brings together Vita's passion for arts and entertainment, Pacific culture, mentoring and community work.

Fua is a Tongan word that can mean 'fruitfulness' or 'flourishing', and as a young Pacific Island male Vita wanted to use creativity and mentoring through a Pacific cultural framework to see young people in the Marlborough community flourish.

Fua's mission focuses on cultivating potential by using creative strategies to empower young people to address limiting mind-sets and behaviours.

Vita works throughout a number of schools in Marlborough to deliver a Pacific performing arts programme, as well as mentoring and wellbeing programmes for young people. In early September, Fua commissioned Mafana - a collaborative theatre project with Pacific youth in Marlborough.