Insights from our 2018 winners


"Winning the Small Business and the Supreme business awards was so humbling and surprising. We love our business and it was amazing to see that others felt the same.

Business boomed pretty much the next day, as soon as the Chamber advertised the winners we had a lot of people come in who had never been before and have stayed as regulars. The exposure that winning the awards gave us is second to none. The process of entering gave us an insight into our business and our processes that we may not have seen if we hadn't entered. It has also driven us to make some decisions about the business and where we are wanting to take it in the future. It has been great for the team as it has made them proud to work for a business that has won a prestigious award. All in all a fantastic experience.

- Tania & Mike Godsall
CBD Cafe
Winner of Small Business Award 2018 and Supreme Business Award 2018

Two small rooms organic hair studio

"The interview with the judge prior to the awards opened my eyes to a couple of things in my business that I had overlooked & I found the judges opinions to be very helpful. I thought because I was a sole trader with a little business that I ran from home, I was out of my league entering the awards. When I saw the other entries I did have a moment of thinking, what am I doing! But I try to live by the saying that great things don’t come from living in comfort zones. To win Emerging business was unexpected & a great boost for my self belief in having a niche hair studio without the glitzy high street salon."

- Kalita Creswell
Two Small Rooms Organic Hair Studio
Winner of Emerging Business Award 2018

Mag & Turbo Blenheim

"Since first entering the MCOC Business Excellence Awards in 2017, we have found that our business has become more ‘in the faces’ of the business community as well as the general public and to have taken the Best Emerging Business Award was the ‘icing on the cake’. Everyone will tell you how much you learn about your business whilst completing an entry and yes, it is time consuming but the rewards are certainly getting to know your business better than ever. We were driven to enter for a second year and had success with collecting the Best Medium Business Award and along the journey, furthering our knowledge of what our business does, how it performs and what it needs moving ahead. What does the 2019 Business Excellence Awards hold for us? Well, we still eye up that Supreme Award every year so we may be back to give it a go. Get in there and mix with some of the province’s best businesses and good luck."

- Darrell & Tina Bate
Mag & Turbo Blenheim
Winner of Medium Business Award 2018 and Winner of Emerging Business Award 2017

Micheal Rea

"It was a fulfilling experience to have been nominated and ultimately awarded the first ‘Young Business Person of the Year’ award through the Chamber of Commerce. In any business, being recognised for the passion, time and effort you put in for the benefit of your customers is very satisfying and rewarding. I consider obtaining this award as a positive indication of the bright future I hold in the industry of Real Estate sales and recognition of how we operate our businesses individually. I’d like to thank my clients and customers for their support which has resulted in me achieving this accolade. A lot of appreciation goes to the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce for the fantastic work they put into such a prestigious event and for involving and inspiring the next generation of business people in Marlborough. Since receiving the award I have had the opportunity to meet new mentors locally and have continued to grow my business. This has allowed me to create new employment positions within my team resulting in a higher level of service for my customers and clients. I will continue to endorse this worthwhile process of self-reflection in your business. I encourage all business owners to take the time to participate and support such a wonderful event that strengthens our local business community."

- Michael Rea
First National Marlborough
Winner of Young Business Person of the Year Award 2018