This page brings together all official resources to support business relating to COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) which have been made available.  This page is updated on a regular basis. 


Alert Level 1 measures

Information on life and business at Alert Level 1

The Golden Rules for everyone at Alert Level 1: 

  1. If you’re sick, stay home. Don’t go to work or school. Don’t socialise.
  2. If you have cold or flu symptoms call your doctor or Healthline and make sure you get tested.
  3. Wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash your hands.
  4. Sneeze and cough into your elbow, and regularly disinfect shared surfaces.
  5. If you are told by health authorities to self-isolate you must do so immediately.
  6. If you’re concerned about your wellbeing or have underlying health conditions, work with your GP to understand how best to stay healthy.
  7. Keep track of where you’ve been and who you’ve seen to help contact tracing if needed. Use the NZ COVID Tracer app as a handy way of doing this.
  8. Businesses should help people keep track of their movements by displaying the Ministry of Health QR Code for contact tracing.
  9. Stay vigilant. There is still a global pandemic going on. People and businesses should be prepared to act fast to step up Alert Levels if we have to.
  10. People will have had different experiences over the last couple of months. Whatever you’re feeling — it’s okay. Be kind to others. Be kind to yourself.

NEW - New guidance for doing business online - Successfully doing business online can build sales, save time and reach new customers. Use this free new tool to learn how your business can do better business online.

A reminder that the Government loan applications for the small business cash flow loan scheme can now be submitted up to and including 31 December 2020. All other conditions remain the same. For details of the loan conditions visit the IRD website

WHO Guide for Safer Workplaces

Work the Seasons Top of the South 
The Top of the South landing page intends to connect businesses with support agencies, employers with staff, job seekers with work and learning opportunities and provide a central location, to easily access accommodation options across our region.

NEW- Apprenticeship Support Programme
The Apprenticeship Support Programme is a cross-agency government response to help employers retain and bring on new apprentices, including Mana in Mahi participants, while dealing with the effects of COVID-19. Employers and businesses will be able to access support from either Apprenticeship Boost, Mana in Mahi, or the Regional Apprenticeships Initiative. The Group Training Schemes which some employers are part of will also receive additional support.
The Apprenticeship Support Programme will be implemented from August 2020. More details on how to apply will be available as soon as possible. Click here for more information. 

NEW - MSD Employment Team
MSD have a dedicated Employment Team here in the Top of the South, with Employment Zones set up in each of our sites. Their Work Brokers provide no-fee recruitment services, information and support to businesses to help them list vacancies and find the right candidates to fill them. There is a wide range of funding and support available for employers taking on our candidates. They also support businesses facing or considering redundancies and can make presentations and provide information about workers’ eligibility for income support as well as assistance for them to move into new employment.
Employers can speak directly to one of the dedicated Work Brokers for Blenheim:
Heather Manners or 0296600046
Lester Neal or 0292013991
Sharon Barclay or 0295789593
Alternatively, you can contact Employer Services on 0800 778 008 for support and information.

Inland Revenue - one page summary and reminder of the ways Inland Revenue can help your business at this time

Insolvency relief for businesses impacted by COVID-19

Government boosts cashflow support for small businesses
The Government will provide interest free loans for a year to small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 economic shock to support their immediate cashflow needs and meet fixed costs.The Minister of Finance and Minister of Revenue say the Small Business Cashflow Loan Scheme will provide assistance of up to $100,000 to firms employing 50 or fewer full time equivalent employees.

NEW COVID-19 financial support tool available

Helpline for businesses
The Government has launched a new helpline to provide all NZ businesses with advice and to connect them with additional support. This is free helpline service that can offer you:

  • specific advice and access to Government-funded business support

  • advice on what Alert Level 3 means for your business

  • general business advice and access to online resources and webinars

  • connections to business advisory services

  • HR, employee relations, and health and safety advice.

  • To find out more call 0800 500 362 (North Island), or 0800 50 50 96 (South Island). 

COVID-19: Latest news and updates

Wage Subsidy Eligibility tool new tool to find out if you are eligible for the wage subsidy and how to apply.

Business Finance Support provides more details about the Business finance guarantee scheme for businesses affected by COVID-19. Insolvency relief for businesses impacted by COVID-19 - Continuity and Contingency Planning - Coronavirus: Information for businesses (small business)

Economic Scenarios (14 April)

The Treasury has released a range of scenarios for the economy, based on assumptions of different amounts of time under the Alert Levels. The report shows how extra Government spending will cushion the blow by protecting jobs and supporting businesses. Click here to download the Economic Scenarios they have released. 

Financial Support provides a comprehensive overview on what financial support businesses can expect to receive as part of the $12.1 billion support package.

NZ Government Website -

This website has everything you need to know about Covid-19 in one place. Learn the simple steps you can take to unite against the virus and slow its spread. Find out what help is available and get the latest updates. 

Tax Relief provides information on current and proposed tax relief for those affected by COVID-19.


ACC guidance for businesses impacted by COVID19

List your job vacancy with Work and Income

If you have a vacancy you would like Work and Income to help you fill, let them know on their online form and they will contact you.


NEW - Wage Subsidy Extension threshold changed

On Friday the 5th June, the Government announced a change to the eligibility criteria for the COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Extension.  Employers, including sole traders, will now have to demonstrate a 40+% drop in revenue for a continuous 30 day period by comparison to the closest period last year.  The previous threshold was a 50+% drop.  The Wage Subsidy Extension will be available from 10 June to 1 September 2020.  For more information, please see the Work and Income website.

NEW - COVID-19 Income Relief Payment available from 8 June


Wage Subsidy Redundancy obligations
To meet your obligations, employers must keep all the employees they’ve claimed a Wage Subsidy for, employed during the subsidy period.

  • If you must make an employee redundant during this time, you can use the Wage Subsidy to pay out a redundancy notice period. But the remaining subsidy balance must be repaid to MSD.
  • Employers can’t use the Wage Subsidy to cover any redundancy payments provided for in the employee agreement.
  • More information: Work and Income

Wage Subsidy Repayments
Some employers and sole traders are getting in touch to repay money they have received through the Wage Subsidy scheme.

Wage Subsidy Scheme Information

Apply as an employer HERE, or as a self-employed worker HERE.

Are you are a large employer of 100 or more - CLICK HERE

COVID-19 Support for Employers page

This page helps you identify which payment would apply to your circumstances

Some common questions on support for employers during COVID-19

Released from Work and Income. Answers to some common questions about how the wage subsidy works with tax and for charities. This is being updated regularly. 


Immigration NZ

Information about Alert Level 4, visas, isolation and temporary border measures for all travellers, student visa holders, migrant workers and employers. 

Air New Zealand COVID-10 Information Hub

Immigration New Zealand COVID-19 Information for Migrants

This website provides information to migrants on the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Immigration New Zealand Factsheets

These factsheets summarise the immigration issues related to the COVID-19 outbreak.


New Zealand Trade and Enterprise - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information for exporters

This site is a resource for New Zealand exporters to help them mitigate the impacts of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. To view all the tools available click here. Here are some new tools just released and some ones we thought would be helpful: 

  1. NZTE has eveloped a Cashflow Health Guide and this is available for download. This guide also links to a Financial Model Template.
  2. Financial model template + direct daily/weekly cashflow model:
  3. Guide to employers obligations
  4. NEW: Covid-19 Solvency guidance - This document provides practical guidance for directors that are considering issues of solvency and gives insight to the Governments’ Business Debt Hibernation scheme. This will be updated as the BDH scheme involves so check back to our website for updated docs.
  5. NEW: Financing proposal template for small businesses - The purpose of this short-form template is to serve as a guide as to what a financing proposal might look like for a small business impacted by COVID-19. This proposal has been prepared from the perspective of a small business who is applying for financing from a financier they do not have an existing relationship with. You can customise this presentation to suit your businesses’ needs.

Some useful info from NZTE covering air freighting, business finance guarantees and a Budget 2020 roundup.

B2B Marketplace

A new tool that NZTE have made available to help businesses. The driver behind this is that they know that New Zealand companies have extra or need additional resources currently. ("Resources" might include workforce, materials, technology, manufacturing capacity, storage, freight, and so on.) This is a ‘version 1’ and they will continue to improve it and add features as they see a need. 

New Zealand Export Credit 

New Zealand Export Credit is a commercial unit within the Treasury. It works alongside other government agencies to support New Zealand exports. During the current lockdown period, the team is fully functional. Please reach out to them to find out how they may be able to support your export opportunities through their trade credit insurance and financial guarantee offering.


Employment New Zealand

Provides detailed information about employment during and after disasters and workplace response to COVID-19 (novel coronavirus).

Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA)

Have set up a COVID-19 specific website to help answer any employment queries or issues you may have, and also provides advice around imports and exports. They have a dedicated AdviceLine which can put you in touch with their Employment Relations or Human Resource. Call 0800 300 362.

Chapman Employment Relations 

Some handy FAQ's and Support 


NEW - Workplace wellbeing during Covid-19

NEW - Looking after yourselves and others in uncertain times -A guide for Nelson Marlborough workplaces

The Mental Health Foundation

As well as your physical wellbeing, your mental health may be adversely affected by the impact of the COVID-19. The Mental Health Foundation has put together a comprehensive guide to help cope with the challenges and uncertainty that comes from COVID-19.

New Government Initiatives - (14 April) 

The Government is making further support available for Kiwis wanting to look after their mental wellbeing as a result of change and uncertainty from COVID-19. The three discrete initiatives are: the Mentemia app developed by All Blacks legend Sir John Kirwan; a health journal app called Melon; and an e-therapy programme called Staying on Track.


Essential Business Operations During Alert Level 4 provides a comprehensive overview on what Essential Businesses can and can't do during Alert Level 4.

Level 4 Travel Restrictions
This information provides an explanation of those businesses and their workers, carrying out essential services in the transport sector who will not be subject to travel restrictions.

List of Essential Businesses
What are essential businesses? Essential businesses, and those who support them, will continue to provide the necessities of life for everyone in New Zealand. See a detailed overview of essential businesses on

COVID-19 Essential Workers Leave Support
A COVID-19 Essential Workers Leave Support is available for essential businesses to pay their employees who can't work.

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)
For more information or to query if you are an Essential Business call 0508 377 388 or email on


NEW - Practical advice for Vineyards and Wineries

NEW - Conducting real estate business during COVID-19 alert level 2

NEW - Marlborough District Council services at Alert Level 2 

NEW - Business Toolkit  - Resources to help your business operate safely — including poster, signs, and contact tracing templates.

NEW - Example of a contact tracing register

NEW - There are some great resources available on the website - information sheets, posters etc. 

NEW - Guidance released today by MDC’s Environmental Health team about how cafes, restaurants and bars can open safely at level 2 -  to download

NEW - Advice for primary industries operating at level 2 

NEW - Worksafe - Operating safely at Alert Level 2 – what you need to think about

NEW - Worksafe - Alert Level 2 – what’s WorkSafe’ approach?

NEW - Exercise, sport and recreation info under each Alert Level on Sport New Zealand

NEW - Workplace operations at COVID-19 alert levels on


NEW - Updated Detailed Alert Level Table 

NEW - Updated Summary Alert Level Table 


Re-opening or making changes to a food business in Alert Level 3

CHASNZThe New Zealand COVID-19 Construction Protocols provide a ‘how to’ guidance which sit below the COVID-19 Standard for New Zealand Construction Operations. 

Limited business activities allowed to prepare for Alert Level 3

Further information on New Zealand being at Alert Level 3 from Tuesday 28 April

Business expectations moving into Alert Level 3

Level 3 Checklist - Returning to work

For the Construction Industry - a useful five step guide for Alert Level 3 operations for those who will be able to return to work. Workplace operations at COVID-19 alert levels

Alert Level 3 information 

Prime Ministers announcement in regards to Alert Levels