Saturday, 22nd April, 2017

Chamber of Commerce Welcomes King Salmon Decision.

The Supreme Court decision to approve three new salmon farms is a good decision for Marlborough says the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber General Manager Hamish Macfarlane says the go-ahead will be a much needed boost to the region's economy and he is confident in the direction being taken with environmental protection, now that parties on opposites sides of the court room are starting to work together.

Mr Macfarlane says "Salmon farming has well and truly had its day in court, and the decision by the highest court in the land endorses the sustainable growth plans King Salmon has on the table".

Marlborough has a reputation for growing the best salmon in the world, and the Chamber says Marlburians can be hugely proud of this. He says "our salmon is a world class product".

The Chamber sees aquaculture as one of Marlborough's flagship industries, and one with great future potential as the world population increases and demand for food, especially protein, grows.

In addition to approximately 150 direct jobs created for the top of the south, the expansion means welcome work for local firms servicing the industry and flow-on employment and earnings for the region. Mr Macfarlane says "that has to be good news for the region's economy".


For more information please contact
Hamish Macfarlane, General Manager 021 330 923