Westpac Marlborough Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2013

Westpac Supreme Award Winner, Wallace Diack Chartered Accountants Medium Award Winner, Environment Award Winner

Southern Water Engineering

Southern Water Engineering entered the Business Awards for the first time in 2012 and found the process to be immensely valuable. The structured nature of the application form made us take the time to look at all the aspects of our management processes. After completing the entry, we made improvements to our business processes to make us more efficient, to ensure the best outcomes for our clients, and better plan for the future. We entered again in 2013 and were very proud to win the Supreme Award.

Winning the awards and the increased profile that comes with that was fantastic for our business and our staff, however the real value in the time spent completing the application lies in the opportunities it presents to improve your business, creating long term business sustainability and growth.

We’d strongly encourage any business, small or large, to enter the awards in 2014.


Westpac Marlborough Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2012

NMIT Investing in People and Skills Award Winner
Wallace Diack Chartered Accountants Medium Award, Second Place
Westpac Supreme Award, Second Place

Picton Village Bakkerij

Entering the Business Excellence Awards was for us a chance to look at our business from a strategic point of view, something that can be difficult when you work in the business day in and day out. We were thrilled to receive the overall runner-up award, as well as the Investing in People in Skills award – to us, this was recognition of the hours of effort that has gone in to fine-tuning the business, and the collective cooperation of our whole team. We found the process of writing the entry was incredibly valuable, in terms of giving us a steering document to work from for future improvements, as well as internal and external acknowledgement of things that we do well.

The judge’s feedback was important, to give us an outside perspective on the inner workings of the business. We are so proud to be recognised as an award-winning business – the publicity (and the bragging rights afforded by public display of the certificates and trophy in store) have helped our branding as an award-winning bakery to spread far and wide.