Made to Order NZ Ltd / Ibicci

I can honestly say that The Marlborough Chamber of Commerce has exceeded my expectations – always prepared to answer questions, locate information, interact with my business and myself, and provide many and varied opportunities to network with other business owners in and around Marlborough. Also appreciated has been the marketing opportunities that the E-voice and Voice magazine have provided.

I would suggest anyone who is running or thinking of starting up a business that they talk to the Chamber – a worthy investment of money and time.

Kat Rutledge
Made-to-Order NZ


Clearview Cleaning
The Marlborough Chamber of Commerce is an invaluable asset to all of Marlborough businesses. Whether it’s a small business like ours, a large one or a group of businesses wanting a voice that can get their message to the right people. For us CofC has become an important partner to our business and has provided support, direction and have put us in touch with the right people to help us grow our business. Without them we would have found it much harder and I would like to thank them very much for all their continuing support and assistance.

Christian & Linda Fletcher-Firks
Clearview Cleaning


Marlborough Travel
Marlborough Travel has been involved with the Chamber of Commerce since its inception over 20 years ago. During this time we have worked closely together and both our directors have been board members.

We greatly value our relationship with the Chamber and have the same ethos of attracting more business to Marlborough.

Campbell Brown
Marlborough Travel