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Signage in BlenheimHave you seen the Marlborough Express article about signage in Blenheim? What do you think? Should be updating the signs? What should they say and where should they be? Any other thoughts? Let us know what you think.

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  1. Fully support MCOC in getting signage for the town, grapes are fine for Blenheim. VERY disappointed that they would not allow Mussels at the gateway of Havelock and similar thing turned down in Picton.
    We need to be on the map and Signage is definitely lacking in Marlborough.

  2. I have written papers on this that the Chamber have copies of. It is all part of an over-arching brand strategy which even after the Marlborough Story development and the twin brand Only Marlborough and Brilliant Every Day brands has failed miserably. I remain happy to help with a willing audience?

  3. Signage is part of an overall plan needed to promote the district, such a plan may provide a manner in which signage could be located to assist other initiatives concerned with providing attractant to visitors and investors. The coordination provided by a plan will ensure bright ideas are effectively implemented and located. An overall marketing plan for Marlborough and campaign promoting what the district can offer will provide that framework. Of course we need to avoid it being just another paper exercise and ensue it progresses to tangible actions detectible outside the district. Tell the rest of NZ what we offer, and perhaps the world. Be careful however to avoid cluttering up the place with more adhoc signage, a comprehensive marketing plan and initiative with actual actions may assist avoidance of this. Make Blenheim and wider Marlborough a place that is attractive to visit and perhaps move to and invest in.

  4. 80 % of new Zealand’s sauvignon blanc is produced here and their is nothing to celebrate that. it could be proposed that many of the large winerys fund a decorative archway Bering their name “grape path” but it goes further that signage it needs a theme the entrance and exits are like you would see in any boring town a semi industrial state “precinct” and turn the blank industrial land behind the railway station into a day park and mural up the skate park. enthusiasm , energy, dynamic & forward thinking non of these you would call Blenheim
    ask the people

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