Marlborough’s Top Job

Appointing a new CEO

This week’s topic is the top job at the Council which is up for grabs at the end of 2015.

The Chamber has put forward a submission requesting an independent representative on the final selection panel for the appointment of the new CEO.

What value do you put on having an independent representative on this panel?


3 thoughts on “Marlborough’s Top Job

  1. There seems to be a school of thought that everyone can have an input into the professional lives, and appointment, of local body professionals. If this is the case why don’t we simply hold an election and 1st past the post get the job? No you are right that is and stupid expensive idea.

    Leave the employment professionals to do their job, if the parameters, concerning the job, are correct then the appointment process should follow accordingly.

    • Having an independent representative on the selection panel for the appointment of the new CEO was what was happened with one of our neighbours. It worked well there and was recommended as a good practise.

  2. There should be a case for stakeholders to have a say at the time that the Recruitment Companies meet with Council personnel to define the CEO Position Description.
    That way it can not be “skewed” toward a local person.

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