Nick Peall Internet Marketing Workshop

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17th April 2014
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Scenic Hotel Marlborough
65 Alfred Street

Nick Peall could be considered a dinosaur of the web, having worked on the commercial Internet since 1997 after leaving his dream of becoming a chef. While he has almost 1,000 websites in his professional portfolio from a long career as a web professional, Nick is possibly best known for his highly popular facebook marketing program that taught the world how to generate 100,000 fans in 24 hours.

He started as a web designer in Brisbane Australia then honed his craft by travelling the world as an IT contractor working on portals for government agencies, city councils and corporations. As a specialist in information architecture and knowledge management systems, Nick commands six figure fees when consulting on large scale IT projects.

Nick has often served dual roles, in both design and development, which is easier said than done when you consider that each task requires a different hemisphere of the brain.

His broad set of skills allows Nick to see the bigger picture and his history working with hundreds of dot coms over one and a half decades means his advice comes a place of experience and inside knowledge. What balances Nicks demanding professional life is his creative side business of shooting magazine features and swimwear catalogs with bikini models.

After his rise through the ranks of the Internet Marketing industry, Nick spent time giving back to the Industry and his loyal customers. Very recently he gave away half a million dollars worth of high end coaching and training courses to help 100 entrepreneurs in 7 different countries.

Nick no longer defines his success by the amount of money he can create, but by the positive impact he has on those around him. His legacy will be continued by the students he empowers and the people he educates around the world.