Developing World Class Products

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18th April 2013
12:00 am - 7:30 pm

85 Budge St

Developing innovative new products and services is critical to driving your company’s revenue growth and increasing competitive advantage. But product development is often a high risk exercise, so how do you maximise your chances for success and develop world class products that really connect with your customers?

This seminar covers three key topics:
1.      Develop products that people want – The power of research and design thinking to   identify new insights, ideas and opportunities
2.      Contractual considerations – Insightful advice to maximise your return on investment in new product development and intellectual property.
3.      Develop products that will perform – Use of engineering design, analysis expertise and tools to help design and optimise your product

Speakers: The seminar will be presented by Timothy Allan (Locus Research), Paul Davies (EverEdgeIP), and Jonathan Prince (Motovated Design & Analysis).

Intended Audience: Entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, senior managers, designers & engineers looking to: assess and identify development ideas; develop products, services or machines; improve their development processes; raise capital to fund development and commercialization.