24 November 2014
Media Release

The Link Pathway

Back in May, the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce made a submission to Council for funding of the Link Pathway Trust Inc.

The Link Pathway from Picton to Havelock was first built around 1860 and was in use until today’s road was developed. After that the pathway had become overgrown and forgotten. In recent times (8 years ago) like-minded groups and people led by Rick Edmonds took up the challenge of rediscovering the Link Pathway and the rebuild.

To date 27,000 hours of volunteer work have gone into the re-establishment and approximately 28km is either complete or under construction. This community led initiative is a sterling effort and all involved are to be applauded and supported.

The Link Pathway of 42km runs from the Picton ferry terminal to Anakiwa where it joins up with Queen Charlotte Track and then onto Havelock. There are good facilities and attractions at each end of the track.

What is exciting about this project is that it can become one of the classic New Zealand rides /walkways. It has the potential to generate added revenue by building a high quality tourism asset which in turn enhances our regions competitiveness as a destination and to build on the Only Marlboroughbrand.

Visitors typically spend one to three nights on the trail and generally spend $131 to $176 per person per day. We anticipate a guestimate of 20,000 users per annum should generate some $3,000,000 based on the excellent location and ease of access from either Picton or Havelock along with several other entry points.

Reference from other trails around the country, per annum:

Motu Trail (location)                     3,000

Mountain to Sea (location)           8,000

Central Otago Rail Trail 10,000-   12,000

Hauraki Rail Trail                          21,000

Queenstown                                 100,000

The potential for Marlborough is huge.

A fantastic effort by those involved. Let’s all get behind this project Marlborough.


Media Contact:

Hamish Macfarlane General Manager 03 577 9576

Nikki de Reeper – President  0274 194 894